Map and Charts of the Eligible to Naturalize Population


This map and charting tool is a visual depiction of data on the eligible to naturalize population. It was put together in April 2017 by DataKind for the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, the lead organization of the New Americans Campaign.

The source data for this tool was produced by the Center for Migration Studies of New York in November 2015. To see the data tables in excel form, or for more information on the methodology or definitions used in the study, please visit their site.


Geographic Boundaries

The geographic areas in this map are sub-state regions known as public use microdata areas (PUMAs).For more information on PUMAs see US Census site.

Drop Down Menu

The map can be color coded to show concentrations of different metrics (Male/Female/Language, etc). Use the drop down menu to select different metrics.

Hovering on the Map

You can also place your mouse pointer on a PUMA and see the GEOID, description, state and total eligible population to naturalize in that PUMA. If you have selected a metric from the drop down menu, you will also see that value shown.

Clicking on the Map

If you click on one of the PUMAS on the map the PUMA will be selected and the charts and tables will be updated with information from that specific PUMA or a group of PUMAS. If you want to select a group of PUMAS (for instance in a specific city or region) click second button initally labeled Individual Select. Once clicked this will change to Group Select.

Once it is on Group Select you can click multiple PUMAS and the charts and tables will reflect the data for those PUMAS.

To unselect PUMAS click the Reset Geo Selection button.

Data Source / Data for this tool was provided by the Center for Migration Studies of New York (CMS). To derive the estimates of the eligible-to-naturalize, CMS developed a series of statistical procedures based on data collected by the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS). A detailed description of the project and the methodology is available at and in Robert Warren and Donald Kerwin, 2015. "The US Eligible-to-Naturalize Population: Detailed Social and Economic Characteristics." Journal on Migration and Human Security. Estimates and detailed characteristics of the eligible-to-naturalize at the national, state and sub-state levels are available through CMS' map and interactive data tools at

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