Best Practices Access

Practice Advisory: Introduction to Federal Rulemaking and Public Participation

Federal Rulemaking is one of the most direct ways that the public can participate and shape policies and practices of executive agencies. This practice advisory provides an overview of the federal regulatory and rulemaking process as well as the authorities that govern this process as well as a guide to commenting on proposed rules and practical tips for navigating the resources available to the public.

Practice Alert: October 2022 Changes to USCIS Form N-648 and to the USCIS Policy Manual

This practice alert describes recent changes to the naturalization disability waiver. On October 19, 2022, USCIS announced major revisions to the Form N-648, which is used by naturalization applicants who seek a waiver of the English and/or civics requirement based on a disability or impairment that causes the applicant to be unable to learn or demonstrate knowledge of English and/or civics. USCIS also published major changes to the accompanying USCIS Policy Manual guidance.

USAHello U.S. Citizenship Guide

Community-oriented information on citizenship eligibility; the application process; the N-400; and the naturalization interview, test, and oath ceremony. Available in multiple languages.