An article posted online for the April 14 edition of the Siliconeer, a California magazine for South Asians, reports on a partnership between Silicon Valley businesses and the Bethlehem Project—a part of the New Americans Campaign that works with businesses to help eligible foreign-born employees become citizens.

As the article notes, California is projected to have a shortage of one million college graduates by 2025. In the Silicon Valley area, demand for skilled workers will continue to fuel migration of foreign engineers and technology workers that have already made the area one of the most diverse in the nation.

The Technology Credit Union, with a diverse membership that is about one-third South and East Asian, is always looking for ways to smooth the integration process for its newcomer employees and members. Through its partnership with the Bethlehem Project, the credit union helps employees and members navigate the citizenship process. The credit union hosts free workshops that are open to employees and members, providing information on the citizenship process and help with the citizenship application.

While the citizenship workshops are outside of the financial services products normally offered by the credit union, according to the credit union’s Hemali Gajaria, project manager for the Global Members program,

“…we are community-focused and there is an obvious need for this information amongst our members and employees…. By hosting events, we’re helping people and strengthening the Tech CU brand as a business that understands the needs of our customers and the areas we serve.”

The Technology Credit Union has been working with the Bethlehem Project for nearly a year. Earlier this month, more Silicon Valley businesses launched a partnership with the Bethlehem Project, including ABM, Nokia, and DTZ.

You can read the complete Siliconeer report here.