Check out the quiz here.

Check out the quiz here.

As we work toward a fairer immigration process that is worthy of this country’s highest ideals, it is clear that we are still not hearing the full story (and facts) about who immigrants are and how reform would affect their lives, and our country as a whole. As a small step toward trying to put these facts at people’s fingertips, The Haas Jr. Fund (one of the backers of the New Americans Campaign) as created a quiz to help people learn about who the immigrant population is and the many ways they contribute to  our economy, society and communities.

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How much do you know about #immigration in America? Challenge your knowledge with this @HaasJrFund quiz:

Test your knowledge about how #immigrants contribute to our economy, society & communities with this @HaasJrFund quiz

Who are America’s #immigrants, and how are they changing the country? via @HaasJrFund

How would #immigration reform affect our economy? Check your assumptions with this @HaasJrFund quiz:

Of CA’s #undocumented immigrants 50% have lived in the U.S. for 10+ years. Take the @HaasJrFund quiz on #immigration:

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We got 9 out of 9 on this #immigration quiz by @HaasJrFund. Test your knowledge of immigrants and how they have changed America.

Which state has the largest #immigrant population? How many of California’s immigrants have lived here for 10 or more years? How many undocumented immigrants are here because they overstayed a visa? Test your assumptions with this quiz by @HaasJrFund

Test your knowledge about who immigrants are and how they contribute to our economy, society and communities in this new quiz by @HaasJrFund