At a recent Naturalization Working Group meeting, representatives from the USCIS Office of Citizenship announced new resources uploaded to the agency’s Citizenship Resource Center. One is a Tip Sheet, “Basic Strategies for Teaching Writing Skills for the Naturalization Interview and Test.” Most applicants for citizenship will be tested on their ability to write a sentence in English during their naturalization interview. The tip sheet provides pointers for teachers who are preparing immigrants for the citizenship test and interview. The tip sheet includes links to other resources in the Citizenship Resource Center.

Similarly, “Basic Strategies for Teaching Reading Skills for the Naturalization Interview and Test” provides a few basic pointers for teachers of citizenship applicants. Most applicants will have to demonstrate an ability to read in English.

The Citizenship Resource Center contains a wealth of material to help teachers who are preparing immigrants for the citizenship test and interview. It also contains information for immigrants about citizenship and the citizenship test and print, audio and video resources to help study for the test. In addition, the Resource Center has information for organizations that have programs to help immigrants prepare for citizenship.

There is a lot to explore in the Resource Center, and it’s all free. We’ll poke around more in future posts.

Another resources highlighted at the Naturalization Working Group meeting was a Tip Sheet for filing an application for a fee waiver. Many low-income applicants for citizenship cannot afford the current fee, and the government may waive the fee if the applicant meets certain requirements. The application can be confusing, and this Tip Sheet, “Tips for Filing Form I-912, Request for Fee Waiver,” helps to supplement and clarify the instructions that accompany the fee waiver form.