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Pale blue map of the United States with dark blue dots indicating the locations of NAC partners and affiliates. The dots are in the following locations. Alabama: Birmingham; Arizona: Phoenix, Somerton, Tucson; California: Central Valley, East Bay, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Marin, Napa, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Silicon Valley; Colorado: Denver; Florida: Immokalee, Miami, Tampa; Georgia: Atlanta; Hawaii: Honolulu; Idaho: Boise; Illinois: Chicago; Indiana: Indianapolis; Kentucky: Louisville; Maine: Portland; Massachusetts: Boston; Michigan: Detroit; Minnesota: Minneapolis/St. Paul; Nevada: Las Vegas; New Mexico: Albuquerque, Santa Fe; New York: New York City; North Carolina: Charlotte, Raleigh; Ohio: Akron; Oklahoma: Tulsa; Oregon: Portland; Pennsylvania: Philadelphia; Tennessee: Nashville; Texas: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, San Benito; Utah: Salt Lake City; Virginia: Charlottesville; Washington: Seattle; Washington DC; Wisconsin: Madison, Milwaukee.

A Network of Support

Find free or low-cost expert legal advice

Connect with our network of trusted naturalization experts at more than 200 partner organizations working in over 20 metropolitan areas across the U.S.

Why Naturalize?

Learn about the benefits of U.S. citizenship

Obtaining citizenship can profoundly impact your life and family, increasing your sense of belonging. And embarking on the journey to citizenship is about more than obtaining a new legal status—it’s about fully participating in and contributing to your community.


Naturalized citizens can make their voices heard by voting and running for office, empowering you to influence decisions that directly impact your life and community.

Family unity

Children under 18 become citizens when their parents naturalize. Citizens also have more opportunities to file immigration petitions for non-citizen family members.

Freedom to travel

Naturalization provides the freedom to travel outside the United States without restrictions.

Protection from deportation

For lawful permanent residents, there are still certain criminal convictions that can lead to deportation.

Financial security

As a citizen, you’re more likely to see higher earnings and enjoy greater financial stability, and can also apply for jobs in the federal government, opening new career paths.

Better health and well-being

Naturalization removes the stress that comes with the fear of deportation or family separation that non-citizens may feel.

Transforming the Path to Citizenship

The New Americans Campaign is the leading national collaborative devoted to increasing rates of naturalization among eligible residents.

We promote fair naturalization policies and connect permanent residents to naturalization experts, transforming the way aspiring citizens become new Americans.

Our Impact

Our network of trusted naturalization experts has helped over 638,000 people from all regions of the world apply for citizenship, saving over $708 million in legal and application fees and making citizenship accessible to all.

Learn how new Americans navigated their path to naturalization and the positive impact of US citizenship on their lives.

Our impact

in legal and application fees saved by aspiring citizens


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