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Our Impact

We are the largest collaborative devoted to increasing rates of naturalization

Since 2011, our collaborative has helped over 638,000 lawful permanent residents become citizens, saving immigrant communities and their families over $708 million in legal and application fees.

We mobilize a strong network of diverse immigrant-serving organizations

Through strategic allocation of over $60 million in funding, we have built a national network of over 200 trusted partners working in over 20 metropolitan areas. These partners provide free or low-cost naturalization assistance to eligible immigrants from all over the world and help increase the number of people applying for citizenship.


trusted partners


metro areas

We are a community of learners and innovators

To ensure high-quality services, the NAC equips community-based organizations with the resources and knowledge to support eligible immigrants. Our network fosters a knowledge-sharing community, promoting and funding innovative practices and providing free legal training and technical assistance. Hundreds of practitioners attend our annual National Naturalization Practitioners Conference, the largest naturalization conference in the U.S.

We help make naturalization more affordable

Our partners focus on assisting low-income individuals by recognizing the financial burden of naturalization between government fees ($760) and the cost of legal assistance. Over 40% of people helped by our network have received assistance to complete a fee waiver or reduced fee request, translating into over $708 million in savings.


receive assistance with fees


in legal and application fees saved

We engage in crucial policy and advocacy

The NAC actively engages in policy and advocacy through our Naturalization Working Group. We work towards eliminating barriers to naturalization and advocating for additional funding for naturalization services. Our collective policy wins include halting efforts to eliminate fee waivers, ensuring people with disabilities can access naturalization, increasing funding for the Citizenship and Integration Grant Program, and reducing the naturalization backlogs, among others.

We embrace non-partisan civic engagement for newly naturalized citizens

Over 6,000 newly naturalized citizens have become civically engaged as a result of the NAC providing funding to over 20 immigration service providers to promote civic engagement through voter education, referrals to voter registration, and other forms of civic engagement.


newly naturalized citizens civically engaged

We are a trusted source of information

The U.S. immigration system is complex and often politicized, which can lead to misinformation. We are dedicated to ensuring that our partners and the immigrant community receive accurate information about naturalization law. As trusted experts, we are perceived as a reliable source of information for the community.

Impact Stories

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Naturalization Workshops

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Citizenship Workshop Tour

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