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About the New
Americans Campaign

Transforming the
Path to Citizenship

Led by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, the New Americans Campaign is the leading national collaborative devoted to increasing rates of naturalization.

Over nine million lawful permanent residents are eligible for citizenship, yet less than one million apply to naturalize each year. Becoming a citizen requires expert legal advice, English-language proficiency, and the means to cover the costs to apply. For more than one-third of the nation’s nine million aspiring citizens, lack of access to these resources prevents them from applying.

By promoting fair naturalization policies and connecting permanent residents to our network of trusted legal advisors and naturalization experts — at more than 200 organizations across 20+ cities nationwide — we are transforming the way aspiring citizens become new Americans.

Increasing Rates of Naturalization

Our innovative and collaborative approach has already yielded important results

Since July 2011:


citizen applications completed by immigrants from all regions of the world

$708 million

in legal and application fees saved by aspiring citizens


naturalization events held

The New Americans Campaign equips its partners with the resources and knowledge necessary to support more eligible residents in achieving the dream of U.S. citizenship.

See Our Work in Action

Our Network

Mobilizing local organizations for national impact

Our partners are trusted, non-profit community organizations that provide direct citizenship services in their local communities to increase the number of lawful permanent residents applying for citizenship. They include legal services providers, immigration and faith-based organizations, and immigrant rights groups.

The New Americans Campaign equips our partners with innovative best practices, legal expertise, funding, policy advocacy, and civic engagement tools.

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