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Our Partners



Pale blue map of the United States with dark blue dots indicating the locations of NAC partners and affiliates. The dots are in the following locations. Alabama: Birmingham; Arizona: Phoenix, Somerton, Tucson; California: Central Valley, East Bay, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Marin, Napa, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Silicon Valley; Colorado: Denver; Florida: Immokalee, Miami, Tampa; Georgia: Atlanta; Hawaii: Honolulu; Idaho: Boise; Illinois: Chicago; Indiana: Indianapolis; Kentucky: Louisville; Maine: Portland; Massachusetts: Boston; Michigan: Detroit; Minnesota: Minneapolis/St. Paul; Nevada: Las Vegas; New Mexico: Albuquerque, Santa Fe; New York: New York City; North Carolina: Charlotte, Raleigh; Ohio: Akron; Oklahoma: Tulsa; Oregon: Portland; Pennsylvania: Philadelphia; Tennessee: Nashville; Texas: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, San Benito; Utah: Salt Lake City; Virginia: Charlottesville; Washington: Seattle; Washington DC; Wisconsin: Madison, Milwaukee.

As the collaborative’s lead agency, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) provides strategic and operational leadership for the New Americans Campaign (NAC) alongside nine other national partners.

Together, the ILRC and other national partners ensure that our network receives funding, technical assistance, and legal and programmatic capacity building to provide high-quality naturalization application assistance to more than 40,000 applicants every year.

Our local partners are trusted, non-profit community organizations that provide direct citizenship services in their local communities to increase the number of lawful permanent residents applying for citizenship. They include legal services providers, immigration and faith-based organizations, and immigrant rights groups.

Our network of naturalization service providers stretches from Boston to San Diego and Seattle to Miami. In more than 20 metro areas nationwide, NAC partners work collaboratively to conduct outreach and support lawful permanent through the citizenship application process. These regional collaboratives are known as the New American Campaign sites. The NAC also includes partners outside NAC sites that provide much-needed naturalization services in other regions across the U.S.

Collectively, New American Campaign partners and sites ensure that eligible lawful permanent residents from diverse backgrounds and communities are empowered to apply to become U.S. citizens.

To learn more about our regional collaboratives, find a naturalization service provider near you, and see a complete list of our partners and affiliates, visit the Find Help page