Currently, the United States is home to 9 million green card holders who are eligible to naturalize but have not begun the process. Many face obstacles, not the least of which has been the pandemic shutdown of USCIS offices last spring. Even as the federal government considers naturalization policy, there is much that can be accomplished on a state and local level to help immigrants become U.S. citizens who are fully vested members of American society.

The New Americans Campaign has created a guide for state governments that provides research on the economic benefits of naturalization as well as strategies for supporting and promoting the process. Please join us in urging your local leaders to help immigrants who aspire to complete the naturalization process. Download and share our State Government Guide to Promoting U.S. Citizenship. It offers five specific ideas, back-up reports, and a Model Law companion option. Facilitating U.S. citizenship is a great investment, yielding lifelong benefits for immigrants and their families, as well significant civic and economic benefits to all our cities and states.

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