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Citizenship Day Social Media Toolkit – September 2021

Updated September 5, 2021 | From Immigrant Legal Resource Center

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Communication and Outreach

September 17 marks Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. Our national network has built a better, more trustworthy, road to naturalization. It’s been an honor to assist more than 500,000 applicants for citizenship since our founding ten years ago, and a joy to help so many have a voice in our democracy. Citizenship Day is our day!

Please join us in celebrating Citizenship Day by posting messages on social media celebrating citizenship! Here is a social media toolkit that includes graphics for Twitter and Facebook, sample tweets and hashtags, and the Twitter handles of immigration reporters, as well as federal, state, and local organizations that might like a reminder of the importance of new Americans to our democracy, and the importance of United States citizenship for all who choose to build their lives here. You can also find the Citizenship Day graphics for tweeting below.

The combined celebration of Constitution Day and Citizenship Day honors the historic document, signed by the country’s founders on this day in 1787, as well as what it means to be a citizen. In particular, the day recognizes the new Americans who completed their paths to citizenship this year—no small feat, given the many obstacles and delays presented by the global Covid-19 pandemic and other roadblocks. We are celebrating Citizenship Day by highlighting the benefits of U.S. citizenship, congratulating the country’s newest Americans, and thanking our New Americans Campaign partners, all of you who assist aspiring citizens every day.

Thank you for all the work you do to ease the path for aspiring citizens of the U.S!

Citizenship Day Social Media Toolkit

Please right click on the images below to download for use on social media.