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NAC Voter Guide for New Americans

Updated June 10, 2024 | From Immigrant Legal Resource Center

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The NAC Voter Guide for New Americans contains critical information on the civic engagement process in the United States and answers to frequently asked questions new Americans have about voting in the United States.

We hope this guide strengthens your team’s ability to talk about voting and civic engagement with your newly naturalized citizen clients. The guide is structured as a series of questions and answers, drawing on partner input on the questions new citizens frequently have.

This guide is thorough and contains specific questions that may not be priorities for your team or your newly naturalized community members. Please feel free to use some or all of the content in whatever way feels most helpful.

Access the Guide

A national-level version is available as a PDF here.

The customizable version of the guide allows organizations to add specific resources, deadlines, voter registration processes, and other state- or site-specific information. For access to the customizable version, please click here to provide your name, email, and organization; you will receive the link immediately.

Using the Guide

You can find information about how to customize the voter guide and some ideas about sharing with community members at these links:

Additional Resources

The National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) has created helpful materials through their New American Voters campaign:

  • New American Voters website – here you will find context on the campaign as well as data reports on naturalized voters and media coverage of the campaign.
  • New American Voters Digital Toolkit – here you will find new American voter statistics, campaign talking points, and templates to uplift naturalized voter stories on digital platforms.

NAC partners have also created helpful guides for new Americans: AJSOCAL has a version here and the IRC Atlanta version is here. If you have a guide for new Americans to share, please contact us at [email protected].

Learn more about how to engage in civic engagement work with election and lobbying resources for nonprofits from Alliance for Justice.