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Citizenship Day Social Media Toolkit – September 2022

Updated September 5, 2022 | From Immigrant Legal Resource Center

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Communication and Outreach

September 17th marks Citizenship Day. Our national network has built a better, more trustworthy, road to naturalization. It’s been an honor to assist more than 560,000 applicants for citizenship since our founding in 2011, and a joy to help so many have a voice in our democracy. Citizenship Day is our day!

Please join us in celebrating by posting messages on social media celebrating citizenship during the week leading up to Citizenship Day! This social media toolkit includes graphics for social media, sample messaging, and hashtags.

Citizenship Day honors what it means to be a citizen. In particular, the day recognizes the new Americans who completed their paths to citizenship this year—no small feat, given the many obstacles and delays presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and other roadblocks. We are celebrating the week leading up to Citizenship Day (Citizenship Week) by highlighting the benefits of U.S. citizenship and thanking our New Americans Campaign partners, all of you who assist aspiring citizens every day.

Thank you for all the work you do to ease the path for aspiring citizens of the U.S!

Graphics for Facebook or Twitter

Please right click on the images below to download for use on social media, or download the images here.

Graphics for Instagram

Please right click on the images below to download for use on social media, or download the images here.



Social Media Messages

Please feel free to customize these, adding hashtags or links to your organization’s naturalization services.

When communities support the civic and economic participation of new citizens, everyone thrives. We grow stronger and more vital as a nation. Happy Citizenship Day!

Citizenship gives you an equal voice in American society. You can bring security to your family and make a difference in your community. Happy Citizenship Day!

Gaining U.S. citizenship changes lives forever. With our help, the road to citizenship is made smoother through innovation, collaboration, and technology.

U.S. citizenship is a privilege people strive for with persistence, patience, and courage. Bravo to all who became U.S. citizens this year!

Happy Citizenship Day! Congratulations to all who became #USCitizens this year. Citizenship brings a firmer foothold on the path to security and prosperity, and a greater say in our democracy.

It’s Citizenship Day! If you are eligible for #USCitizenship and are waiting for the right time to naturalize, today’s your day! Start the process now. Find out if you’re eligible:

It’s Citizenship Day 2022. Are you eligible to apply for #USCitizenship? Our partners are ready to help you through the process. Make your voice heard this year.

It’s Citizenship Day 2022. If you have been putting off becoming a citizen, today’s your day! The time is now! Find assistance from our partners.

What does it mean to be a #USCitizen? A voice in our democracy, more security for your family, 11% higher wages over a lifetime, travel with a U.S. passport. If you are eligible, why wait?

When cities and states invest in #naturalization it produces substantial economic and civic benefits for new American citizens as well as for all constituents. Happy Citizenship Day!

Invest in naturalization! Naturalized #USCitizens do better financially than noncitizens. Communities benefit from higher tax receipts and increased rates of self-sufficiency. Happy Citizenship Day.

Happy Citizenship Day to #NewAmericansCampaign! We have 200+ partner organizations in 20+ cities providing free legal assistance to help eligible immigrants naturalize! #CitizenshipDay

How to Add Your Logo

We encourage you to add your own organization’s logo to the social media graphics linked above.

  • If you have Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator – Open up the social media graphic in Photoshop. Open up an image file of your logo in Photoshop. Select your logo, copy your logo, and paste your logo into the image. Resize your logo to fit above or next to the NAC logo.
  • If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro – Open up the social media graphic in Acrobat Pro. Click “Edit PDF” on the right-hand column. Click “Add Image” in the top menu that appears. Select an image file of your logo and place. Resize your logo to fit above or next to the NAC logo. Export document as a JPG or PNG to post on social media.
  • If you have a Canva account (free to create) – Download the social media graphic. Visit Click “Create a design” in the upper right corner. Click “Edit photo” and select the social media graphic. Once the image is uploaded, click “Use in a design.” On the left-hand side, select “Uploads.” Click “upload files” and select an image file of your logo to upload. Once it has uploaded, click it and it will appear above the image. Resize your logo to fit above or next to the NAC logo.