On March 22, 126 Legal Permanent Residents filled out their applications to become citizens, thanks to the New Americans Campaign partner Bonding Against Adversity.

The non-profit provides “free and low-cost community outreach programs for disadvantaged residents with an emphasis on healthy living, safe living and reducing secondary school dropout rates.” They also, with the help of volunteers, help immigrants apply for citizenship.

Mariana Sanchez of Bonding Against Adversity talked about how the NAC has helped scale up the ability to provide citizenship services in Houston:,

“It was a great event and people were so grateful to have this type of event available in the North part of Houston. We thank the NAC for allowing us to serve the community at this capacity. Four years ago we had one immigration forum a year, and now we have 10 immigration forums a year­—and 20 small events where we are able to assist our community.”

They are already getting ready for their next citizenship workshop, which will take place on May 24 and will include screening for naturalization eligibility, application completion assistance, free test preparation materials, legal review and consultations.

For more information on that and other citizenship preparation events, please see Bonding Against Adversity’s calendar of events.