credit cardOn Sept. 19, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that the naturalization application fee is now payable by credit card.

The high cost of the application, $680, is one of the barriers to citizenship for aspiring new Americans. In the past, this fee could be paid only via check or money order. USCIS hopes that accepting credit cards as a payment option will help make the process more convenient for applicants.

All major credits cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), or a gift card from one of these companies, are now being accepted.

In order to pay with a credit card, the applicant must:

  • Complete the G-1450, which authorizes a credit card transaction.
  • Put the completed G-1450 form on top of the N-400 form.
  • Mail the application package to the correct address, which is provided on the N-400 webpage.

Only one credit card can be used per application, and USCIS will not permit split payments of any kind. Applicants should ensure that the credit card has a high enough credit limit before submitting the application. If a transaction is declined, USCIS will automatically reject the application for failure to pay.

If an applicant would like to use a credit card as a method of payment but is unable to use his or her own, another person may pay for them. However, that person must fill out their own G-1450 form.

Credit cards may make it easier for applicants and their families to afford the citizenship application since they offer the option for monthly repayments rather than paying the entire $680 in one lump sum up front.