Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC), has recently updated its Citizenship Toolkit.  CLINIC, a New Americans Campaign national partner, has been serving naturalization applicants for years, and has developed a number of resources based on the best practices of its affiliates around the country.

The Citizenship Toolkit contains a wealth of information for organizations serving immigrants preparing for citizenship. There are also resources for organizations looking for help in providing assistance to vulnerable populations—for example, elderly applicants and persons with disabilities.

The Citizenship Toolkit is divided into 12 sections, some of which contain a mix of resources for organizations and for citizenship applicants. Other sections of the toolkit contain resources on special topics for organizations providing assistance to naturalization applicants.

The 12 topic sections of the Citizenship Toolkit are:


  • General Information – links to webinars, manuals, fundraising resources and other information;
  • Citizenship Benefits – information on the benefits of citizenship for immigrants and for the U.S.;
  • Citizenship Requirements – general information on what is required to be eligible for citizenship;



  • The Citizenship Process – information describing the steps involved in applying for citizenship;
  • The N-400 (application form for citizenship) – links to and discussion of the application form;
  • The Test – resources to help prepare for the citizenship test;



  • Elders and People with Disabilities – resources related to helping prepare these special populations for citizenship;
  • Children – information pertaining to minors acquiring citizenship;
  • Citizenship Workshops – a link to a toolkit for organizations;



  • BIA Recognition and Accreditation – information for organizations wanting to provide legal assistance to immigrants;
  • Fee Waivers – information on policy and requirements for having the naturalization application fee waived; and
  • Civic Participation – including information on advocacy and community organizing, voting and elections, and other information.

All of the information is available for download, and you can find it here.