As part of their guide to the top technology philanthropists, the outlet Inside Philanthropy profiled Andy Grove, the man  who heads one of the foundation partners supporting the New Americans Campaign.

For a lot of the foundations that support the New Americans Campaign, the work of helping people reach citizenship has personal ties:

A survivor of the Holocaust, the Hungarian Revolution, prostate cancer, and living with Parkinson’s disease, much of [Andy] Grove’s giving hits close to home…research and immigration and refugee issues.

For Andy Grove, who was born to a Hungarian Jewish family in 1936, and who had to flee to Austria and eventually the United States in 1956, the issue of immigration and refugees is personal.

His foundation has committed over $1.2 million to the International Rescue Committee, one of our partners. In addition, through his foundation, Andy Grove has given $1 million to the New Americans Campaign and partners like CitizenshipWorks.

It’s in part due to the support of foundations like the Grove Foundation that we’ve been able to help over 120,000 lawful permanent residents apply for citizenship — and saved them over $100 million by providing legal and fee waiver assistance.