Please use this collection of branded templates and logos to support your communication about citizenship and the Campaign with LPR communities, funders, policymakers and other community partners.

Workshop Media Advisory Template: Use this tool to create media advisories for your NAC events.

Event Flyers: Customize these flyers to promote your NAC events.

Two Pagers: These templates – with two design options to choose from – allow you to create a simple piece of collateral describing the national work of NAC as well as your local efforts. It can be used to promote your involvement in the Campaign and develop tailored materials for outreach to potential partners and funders.

Style Guide: Use this tool to ensure that you are using the NAC brand and logo appropriately.


Logo Files

NAC Logo CMYK (EPS) 878.6 KiB 470
NAC Logo CMYK (TIFF) 14.1 MiB 274
NAC Logo Gray (EPS) 876.8 KiB 369
NAC Logo Gray (JPG) 214.9 KiB 299
NAC Logo Rev (EPS) 1.4 MiB 446
NAC Logo Rev (TIFF) 3.5 MiB 230
NAC Logo RGB (EPS) 885.0 KiB 446
NAC Logo RGB (JPG) 376 KB
NAC Logo 10th Anniversary RGB (PNG) 29 KB
NAC Logo 10th Anniversary RGB (JPG) 125 KB
NAC Logo 10th Anniversary Gray (PNG) 29 KB
NAC Logo 10th Anniversary Gray (JPG) 113 KB
NAC Logo 10th Anniversary Gray – Reverse (PNG) 27 KB
NAC Logo Citizenship Ambassador 133 KB