Ms.E & Aly

Our friends out in Houston, the Chinese Community Center, shared an inspiring story of how citizenship brought hope to a brave woman in the midst of a fight for her life.

“Ms. E, a longtime resident in Houston, had been waiting over 10 years to apply for naturalization. Despite being fully fluent in English and well-adjusted to American life, she still encountered many hurdles in her journey – she hadn’t held a steady job in a couple years, had moved apartments frequently and faced family difficulties.

“In early 2012, Ms. E and the Chinese Community Center for Houston started working together on her naturalization application. It was a rough start — she had to go back and collect all the required information from old employers and storage boxes.  A few months later, a beaming Ms. E mailed in her completed application. The prospect of becoming an American citizen brought rays of hope to her life.

“But there are still challenges for Ms. E to face. The same month she passed her citizenship test, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Her hope and perseverance are helping her fight onwards, as is her new citizenship, which qualifies her for Medicaid. As she continues to receive treatment at the Houston Medical Center, Ms. E. continues to emphasize the importance of her decision to apply for naturalization. Citizenship was, and continues to be, a ray of light and hope, no matter what life brings.”