Update (February 4, 2014): New Americans Campaign to Counteract Tougher Path to Citizenship


N-400 screenshotAll eligible permanent residents must fill out the N-400 form as part of their citizenship application.

It’s currently a 10-page form, but it will soon turn into a 20-page form.

The good news is that we’ve still got a couple of months before the change takes effect – so if you’ve been putting off applying for citizenship, this is the time to do it.

And we can help you take that first step.

Our partners across eight different cities have already helped 80,000 people complete their applications – and we’ve saved them $67 million in legal fees and fee waivers in the process.

All you need to take that first step right now is your zip code and fill it in below. You’ll get a list of free or low-cost legal aid providers near you.


Enter your zip code above to find a list of nonprofit legal organizations that can help you to apply for free or a nominal fee.

Clicking the GO button above will take you to the CitizenshipWorks website, which is operated by the Immigration Advocates Network, Immigrant Legal Resource Center and Pro Bono Net, national partners in the New Americans Campaign. CitizenshipWorks also has interactive features to learn more about the naturalization process and determine whether you are eligible to apply.