In a piece published in the Immigration Professor’s Blog, Laura Burdick from Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc., took an in-depth look at the recent announcement of the N-400 changes and what they mean for legal permanent residents, service providers and USCIS adjudicators.

The result is the most comprehensive analysis on the N-400 change published yet:

The longer form has many implications for applicants, legal service providers and USCIS adjudicators. Potential applicants may be intimidated by the new form and may find it less accessible, and this can result in more people who need application assistance. Legal service providers may need more time to complete and review the form, and thus may need to raise their fee for N-400 processing. The additional security-related questions make it more important than ever for representatives to obtain a copy of the applicant’s immigration file in certain cases before they are able to complete the N-400. USCIS adjudicators may also need more time to review the form and conduct naturalization interviews. All in all this change could increase N-400 processing times.

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