Yesterday, USCIS announced that it would be doubling the N-400 form – the citizenship application all green card holders must fill out – due to 10 additional pages of questions.

New Americans Campaign partners spoke with the Washington Post and highlighted the events we’ll be holding nationwide to counteract:

“We are concerned that the new form will impact the vulnerable populations we serve,” said Jean Atkinson of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network based in Silver Spring, Md., which helps more than 10,000 low-income legal immigrants become citizens each year. “It’s safe to say the level of English it requires is significantly higher than the level required to pass the citizenship test.

Immigration officials have given prospective citizens 90 days to apply using the current forms, and several legal assistance groups in the Washington area and across the country said they will be holding a series of workshops in the next three months to help green-card holders file their applications before May.

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