In an extensive article this weekend, the Orange County Register took a look at the New Americans Campaign expansion into the Orange County area and some of the growth we’ve experienced nationwide.

Through interviews with local and national leaders in the collaborative, the article highlighted our recent expansion to 16 sites, the innovative work on mobile technology being led by CitizenshipWorks and USCIS’ libraries program:

“Nationwide, a network of organizations is working to encourage the country’s legal permanent residents—an estimated 8.8 million green-card holders—to become citizens.

While much of the discussion in the nation’s capital focuses on an estimated 11 million people living in the U.S. illegally, there are an estimated 8.8 million legal permanent residents eligible to become citizens. In Orange County, Los Angeles and San Bernardino, it takes approximately five months to become a citizen, from the day of application to taking the oath of allegiance.”

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