A group of leading technology and service companies officially launched the Bethlehem Project in San Jose last Monday.

The Bethlehem Project, a partner of the New Americans Campaign, seeks to empower businesses to provide citizenship assistance at the work-site to eligible employees.

The following are the top quotes from executives from some of the businesses involved, and some of the people that have benefited directly from the Bethlehem Project:

Rosario Becerra

“I am now an American citizen. Becoming an American has always been important for me because I can vote. I feel like I have a voice. ABM has made it possible to take classes at the worksite. This made it possible for me to learn and become more confident.”
Rosario Becerra, an ABM employee who has benefited from the Bethlehem Project


Barbara Kamm

“We at Technology Credit Union support programs such as the Bethlehem Project because they provide much-needed resources and information for green card holders seeking citizenship. It’s important to our membership and to our community, and therefore it’s important to us.”
Barbara B. Kamm, President and CEO of Technology Credit Union


Jim Reed

“One of the greatest economic generators for San Jose and Silicon Valley has always been the diversity of our region, and the Bethlehem Project is a wonderful resource for our business community. This partnership will only aid in maximizing the contributions that the immigrant community has already made to our region for over 200 years, and we are happy to welcome the Bethlehem Project to Silicon Valley.”
Jim Reed, Vice President of Public Policy at the Silicon Valley San Jose Chamber of Commerce