We are happy to announce that we have some new resources available for you to promote citizenship. With the help of five NAC practitioners who are naturalized citizens, we produced “Citizenship Ambassador” videos that are available for your use to promote naturalization.

The videos are now available on the NAC YouTube channel in MP4 format and we encourage you to tweet them, post them on Facebook, or embed them on your website. The below toolkit has social media guidance that you can use. In terms of promotion, January is a particularly good time to encourage people to pursue goals that they have put off and to make becoming a citizen a New Year’s “resolution.” In the toolkit, you’ll find suggested social media messaging specific to this month, as well as messages to use along with the videos.

For those of you with video editing capacity, you can also co-brand the videos with your organization’s logo and add information (for example a link to your organization or local NAC site’s webpage). The attached toolkit has detailed instructions on how to do this. We also have tips for creating your own videos of former applicants sharing their citizenship story.

Please click here to view the toolkit with all of these resources. The files and instructions for adding your logo to the videos are available on the NAC Resource Portal, here.