This year, 2021, is the 10th anniversary year of the New Americans Campaign, and we have much to celebrate. We’re the largest naturalization collaboration in the country, with more than 200 organizations working in more than 20 cities. Thanks to all of you, this year we will have helped more than half a million people complete naturalization applications to become United States citizens. What we learned this decade, above all, is that the ideas and best practices identified and shared by our campaign partners are the key to the success of our replicable and sustainable model for legal assistance.

To launch our tenth year, we are sharing a new Citizenship Ambassadors Best Practices Toolkit. Our partners consistently describe peer-to-peer outreach activities as among their most effective strategies to reach immigrants in their communities who are eligible to apply for citizenship. With the help of campaign partners, we put together a toolkit explaining the Citizenship Ambassadors framework and providing approaches to identifying and engaging Citizenship Ambassadors. We hope that you will download the toolkit and benefit from the strategies that our campaign partners developed over the past decade.

Download the Citizenship Ambassadors Toolkit.

Citizenship Ambassador Tip Cards

Encourage your staff and volunteers to download the toolkit and keep an eye out for Citizenship Ambassador candidates. To help you inspire members of your organization, download and share our Citizenship Ambassador tip cards. Please right-click on the images to save them.

Citizenship Ambassador Social Media Cards

We have Citizenship Ambassador social media cards to use outwardly on Twitter and Facebook. Share the thoughts and successes of our Citizenship Ambassadors with your communities, or use the template to make your own. Please right-click on the images to save them and share them with your networks.

Citizenship Ambassador Videos

We encourage you to post and share these videos of some of our partners who have acted as Citizenship Ambassadors.

Sample Twitter or Facebook Messages

Sample social media messages include:

We provide free & low cost legal assistance to eligible immigrants who dream of becoming #USCitizens. Our @newamericans partners helped almost half a million #naturalize over the past 10 years. Appreciative clients like to spread the word. #CitizenshipAmbassadors. #10YearsStrong

Happy 10th Anniversary to our @NewAmericans Campaign partners! Our free legal assistance helps eligible immigrants naturalize. We are grateful to clients who return to “pay it forward,” volunteering to help others achieve #USCitizenship too. #CitizenshipAmbassadors.

When our @newamericans partners provide #naturalization legal assistance to eligible immigrants they don’t ask for payment, they ask only that new #citizens spread the word to family and friends about the benefits of #USCitizenship. #Time2Naturalize2021 #CitizenshipAmbassadors.